3DS Friend Code Exchange

Hi mine is 0061 0051 1205 I'm usually playing animal crossings hope you don't mind if I add you to who have posted
My Friend Code is... 2921-9260-7082

Feel free to add me. I've already added every number listed here. Plenty of room for more. The more the merrier, I say.
I just got a 3DS a few days back and wanted to at least get a few friends on my list to enjoy some of what it has to offer. Its been pretty lonely thus far so I figured I'd try to get at least a few people added!

So far I have animal crossing, Pokemon y, Zelda, and DK returns 3d. I think only the first 2 have online capability but anyway...

I'll post my friend code and if you added me please post yours. I really appreciate it and look forward to playing with some of you guys!..



OMG YOU HAVE ANIMAL CROSSING! Let's be friends! :D I actually left my 3DS in my dorm room so I will edit this post with my friend code!
Aww, I recently sold my 3ds. I would have gladly friended out with you guys. Now, looks like I'm down to DS Lite :(

However, SUPER addicted to WarioWare Touched!
ok, call me a newbie, but how does this work?

i'll use Animal Crossing for example, do you have to be online at the same time as me for me to visit your town?

i would assume for mario kart or luigi's mansion we'd all have to be on together
Name: Dragon
Code: 5000-3921-3361

LuckyYoshi8 said:
How do you exchange friend codes?
You click the square with faces (aka the old pictochat icon), click register, click whichever one isn't local. Then enter code and their Mii's name. The end.
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Here's mine: 5429-6910-3726.

Name: Tiger 615

Lemme know if you add me!
(What? I'm not psychic...)
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Mine is 3840-6174-0265

I have Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem, Pokemon Y, and Bravely Default.

Please let me know if you add me so I can add you back!
Hey everyone I play Pokemon Y and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate a lot so add my FC: 5086 - 3183 - 9913 I accept all XD inform that you add me

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