3DS Friend Code Exchange

Mine changed so: 1392-8335-3406
Name: Tiger 615
I got:
-Smash 3DS
-Pokémon Y
-Pokémon Omega Ruby
-Mario Kart 7
-(soon) Pokémon Moon

I'm looking for peeps playing those (including Pkmn X, Alpha Sapphire, and Sun)
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add me I'm psnLANDRAM on 3dsXL 1478-7527-5228 I added you all
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Hi everyone! I'm excited to be amongst Nintendo fans. If you're on 3DS, feel free to add me. I love interacting with new people through DS. I retired mine some time ago but am recently playing again on the new one ☺️

Add my IG if you're on there well - or if you just wanna check me out.


Feel free to message me regarding anything Nintendo - and share your friend code!

Please add my friend code, too!
I'm adding all of you.
FC: 3239 - 6576 - 2448
my friend code . 4253-3751-4961

i play to much to type out. but would like to play zelda triforce heroes with 2 other people if anyone else owns the game :)

currently playing pokemon sun mainly
You can post several but must chose one to be shown in the friend code matrix. The friend code matrix is the master list of everyone username, friend code, and a link to the 3ds emulator of their chosen mii. To ensure that everybody gets their friend code up there will be an email sent to everyone on the day of release as a reminder