3DS Friend Code Exchange

I play games if I have someone to play with. Just message me on this site if you'd like to play something. My FC is 1891-2528-7795 and tell me if you've added me.
It's a shame swapnote isn't available anymore, I loved using it.
hi guys and girls can you add me? i play pokemon y and a few other games alot. my Fc code is 2165-6763-0874. thanks
Hello mine is : 0748-2050-5731 and the name is Juan
let me know when you added me!
I just got a 3ds and I want to add some of you guys.

My code is 3007-9159-8511 Name:Keon

Please add me! :)
I recently got a 3DS and would like to add some friends. Please add it and reply back with your friend code. I'll add every code that is replied to. Thanks!

Hi keep, I just added you. My name is Shawn and the code is 0104-1247-7563.
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Friend codes are weird in my opinion. The whole process is tedious and pointless, just so we can play a little game I mean why even do it.
Greetings, I am looking for 6v6 pokemon battle in oras, I also play MH4. Passerby battles are so few and far between.
Will add anyone who replies since this thread haven't been used in weeks.
i have a new nintendo 3ds xl today. i have super smash bros fantasy life and monster hunter 3..not 4 lol. friend code is 3024 8355 2894. whats yalls lol
My FC is 1478-5268-0292 Please let me know if you add me so I can add you back.

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