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Oct 25, 2012
Los Angeles, CA
Since there's so many I think we should split the choices between 3D, 2D and RPG.

Favorite 3D for me has to be Super Mario Sunshine for the Gamecube.

Favorite 2D has to be Super Mario World for the SNES.

Favorite RPG is a no-brainer. Super Mario RPG for the SNES.

What about you guys?
Mario Galaxy for 3D and the first New Super Mario Bros for 2D. Sunshine was my previous 3D favorite before Galaxy came out.

Mario RPGs got old right after Paper Mario (or more like in the middle of it), but I still played through several of them, including the first Mario & Luigi RPG for GBA (aka Superstar Saga).
Hmm, this is kinda' tough. :p
I'd have to say I choose Super Mario Sunshine (Gamecube) for the 3-D option. However, I have no input for the other two, sorry!

Super Mario Sunshine (and Gamecube games in general) seems to stand out in the replayability and enjoyment you can get from doing menial things in-game. I've whittled away hours of my time playing that game over and over and over... :D

My top 5 has to be in this order:

Mario 1
Super Mario World
Mario 3
Mario 64
mario 2.

All the oldies. I haven't played much of the new ones, to be fair.
My favorite Mario games are definitely the old ones.
Super Mario Bros 1 and 3 for the NES are my favorite.
I never got to play 2 much because my catridge always messed up. =/
I was told by my mom that I would turn into a mushroom if I spent any more time playing Super Mario Bros 1. I remember the first time I logged in, I don't think I've been blown away quite like that by a video game since. It is hands down one of the best video games ever produced for any platform, ever!
I am with Brian, on my top games list. I have not played any new Mario games, unless you count the Walmart demos. Which one involved Mario as a frog and fox? That one was awesome!
I honestly don't like the newer Mario games. So I have to agree with Epicfied and go with the ones on NES. So, I will go old-school with this and say: Super Mario Bros. is my favorite of all categories.
My favorite is probably Paper Mario 2. And a big chunk of my reasoning is probably its music. I like most of the Mario RPG games.
Super mario 64 on n64 and super mario bros 3 on NES are my favorite mario games in existence. Super mario frustration is an unofficial one that I enjoyed...though I didn't get past the first level.
Epicfied said:
My favorite Mario games are definitely the old ones.
Super Mario Bros 1 and 3 for the NES are my favorite.
I never got to play 2 much because my catridge always messed up. =/
My top two are the same.

And as for SMBs 2, it was fun, but really weird. It wasn't actually intended to be a Mario game at all, so it sort of sticks out as being not....well, in order....or like the other Mario games at the time. It was still fun, though.
The Mario game that I have spent the most time in, is Mario 64. It was the first 3d Mario game, and I think it was the first 3d game I ever played. It was so amazing, the controls where spot on, the graphic was amazing and the levels were huge, varied and detailed.

I also want to give a special mention to Super Mario Charged Football, it is the Mario game that I got the most positively surprised about. I was expecting the game to be very bad, but it ended up being one of my favourite Wii games, and definitely my favourite online multiplayer Wii game.
Super Mario All Stars
Super Mario World

I have both on the SNES. They are my favorite titles out of the series.
Definetly Super Mario Bros for the SNES and Mario 64.
Also the gameboy version of super mario bros was awesome!
Super Mario World and Yoshi's Island are my top two favourite Mario games, but I really enjoyed the older ones too. I haven't had much of a chance to try many of the new Mario games (on the Wii and forward) but I'm sure I'd enjoy them!
I really loved the graphics for Mario Galaxy. But in terms of gameplay, it would be tied with Super Mario Sunshine for 3D. My first Gameboy Mario game was Super Mario Bros 3: Super Mario Advance 4, so that will always be a favorite of mine. And, of course, Super Mario 64. That game is just so good.
Mine are:

2D: Super Mario World (SNES)
RPG: I guess I'd put Paper Mario Wii in this category (?)
3D: Mario 64, but the nostalgia factor has a big influence in this decission :lol:
Mine would be the original SMB1. I think that one had the most impact on me, since there was really no other game like it at the time, and it was forming a common memory in us all without us even knowing it. The next ones I'd have to give to Mario Kart and SSB because those were the games that re-introduced me to Mario since I really didn't play SMB2&3 at the time that they were out.
Without a doubt Mario 64 was the best 3d that was the introduction to 3D mario and as far as 2d goes thats to hard of a choice to make. I would have to go with super mario world 1&2 and also throw in super mario kart. those some extremely fun games. As far as RPG goes I never played so I really can't speak on that.

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