Best Mario game

I could break down what I think are the best Mario games on each system--i.e. Super Mario Bros 3 is the best NES Mario game, Super Mario World is the best SNES Mario game, Mario 64 is the best N64 Mario game, etc.

However, to single out the best Mario game period, on any Nintendo console... that's a much more difficult question! My Top Three would most definitely be those that I already mentioned above, but I feel like the actual order of them changes with my mood (just like my favourite song or movie etc).

I wonder if there'll be a correlation between age and system preference and one's opinion as to which Mario game is the absolute best. I suspect that there would be.
I think if you ask the people that been around the series since NES you would get more saying Super Mario Brothers 3. It was really just the game that made everyone almost stop and say "wow." Now if you could have only saved progress on the NES lol
My favorite Mario games would be, Aside from the original, Super Mario World on SNES. It is a close call on the RPG Mario's for me. I really loved Paper Mario and Mario Sunshine, both were a lot of fun, hours of replay-ability. and for 3D I am quite partial to Mario 64, that game was incredible, seeing mario in 3D was pretty cool. I have also spent a great many hours playing all of the Mario Kart games and Mario Party games

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