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Oct 25, 2012
Los Angeles, CA
What's your favorite Metroid game?

How about we split it into a 2D and 3D category?

My favorite 2D Metroid has to be Metroid Fusion for the GBA. It was pretty short but all the fights were very fun and I really liked the different suit designs. Fighting yourself at the end was pretty awesome too.

My favorite 3D Metroid has to be the first Metroid Prime for the Gamecube mainly because I never got into the other ones. It was the first one and it was new and amazing. I've been meaning to play the other ones but I just haven't gotten around to it.

What about you guys?
You can only have one great love, and I found mine on planet Zebes.

In the order of awesomeness:

1) Metroid (NES)
2) Metroid Fusion
3) Metroid II
4) Other M

In the definitive crap category:

1) Metroid Prime
2) Metroid Prime 2
3) Metroid Prime 3

Wow! I came into say the same thing.I had never played Metroid before I played Metroid Prime and I was blown away by the atmosphere in the game.I felt like I was actually on a distant planet shooting aliens with an arm cannon.It's just too bad it was only on Gamecube.I wasn't a huge fan of the controller, but I still had a blast.
I like Metroid II from time to time even if it means pulling my old system out of a cardboard box I keep in the cabinet under my TV. It was a great game! Most of the games I play on my newer systems require online access, for the parts I enjoy most anyway, so when my net connection goes down I go retro with Metroid II baby!
My favorite Metroid was Super Metriod for the SNES.

Now THAT game was ahead of it's time. In fact, I swear the game was Konami's inspiration for Castlevania Symphony of the Night. But yeah, I wish they made Metroid games like this on rather than things like Metroid Prime. I know people love Prime, but I hated it.
Super Metroid just didn't impress me very much, even though it's a lot of people's favorite. I felt that it was everything I had seen before, just magnified with better graphics and more items. I also really disliked the music in that game, especially compared to Metroid 1.
I know it's a remake, but Metroid: Zero Mission was my favourite 2D. I enjoy the 32 bit graphics of the Metroid series the best, and the remake was just stellar, and still kept that feel of the original, whilst still defining itself in a way.

As for 3D, I'll agree with Prime as that was the only Metroid in 3D that looked worth playing. And it was - the rest just didn't.
Super Metroid was the first game I ever got in the series, and I absolutely loved the gameplay. I thought it was near flawless, and it's what made me become an instant fan. Graphics-wise, I thought Metroid Prime 3 was just amazing. I was pretty skeptical when I saw that Metroid was going in a 3D direction, but it worked out alright.
Metroid Prime for GameCube was pretty sick. It has the classic Metroid gameplay wiith the addition of amazing environments, thanks to the 3D engine.
The ones on the SNES were great. Those are probably my favorite. I don't have any currently, might have to go try and snag some up on Ebay sometime. :)
Super Metroid s definitely my favorite of the series. It was the one that really brought it to maturity and set the standards for future games. It really pushed the limits of both the SNES's midi processor and display capability. It had scaling before the Super FX chip. It had enemies as big as your screen and as tiny as a few pixels. The level of environmental detail and animation must have been maddening for the designers to perfect. You really feel alone on an entire planet with several ecosystems to explore. The boss battles are great, every one. I have been known to turn on games just because I like the music. Megaman games get frequent revisits from me for this reason and so does Super Metroid. Spectacular sound design on this one.
I like pretty much every Metroid game out there. But if I had to narrow down my favorite Metroid games... hmm.. I think, in the end, these would be my Top 3 favorite Metroid games. But, since I don't have an order for them yet, I'll just list them in the order that they were released....

Metroid 2: Return of Samus
Metroid 3: Super Metroid
Metroid: Fusion

Metroid 2: Return of Samus - This game is the game that got me into the Metroid series. I had played the first Metroid, but never put any real time into it. I knew what it was, but I never played it. Tho my friends kept talking about it. But Metroid 2: Return of Samus was my first real adventure into the series, and I loved it. I had a blast with it. So much so, that I went back to play part one, and the rest of the Metroid games that came out afterwards.

Metroid 3: Super Metroid - Commonly just called Super Metroid, especially since the main title screen just says Super Metroid, if you watch the opening of the game, it specifically says "Nintendo presents Metroid 3 Super Metroid. So I'm going with that. Anyways, this game is still considered one of the absolute classics on the SNES, even to this day. It was a great adventure, with great gameplay, great sounds, great controls, and even looked great, to boot. And it's still a blast today too.

Metroid: Fusion - I loved the other Metroid games out there too. However, when I first played this game, I really, really got that "Metroid" feeling to it. It had a great atmosphere, with a very refined gameplay, with great controls, and looked really good on the GBA. It felt tense, and really kept you in the game. I'm really looking forward to another handheld Metroid game like this one.
I have enjoyed Metroid games since the beginning, but the two most memorable titles in the series are prime 1 and prime 2, the rest are decent but when the 3rd dimensional aspect was introduced it revolutionized that genre perfectly. Although the graphics were unpolished it still kept the feel along with the sounds and controls as the previous iterations represented. Prime 3 was a disappointment and felt like it lacked something integral to the series, I am not sure what it is, but something is ary even if I don't know what it is.

I have yet to play Metroid M so I can't give an opinion on that version. I hope the wii u version/s will be better than prime's, then my interest will be sedated for awhile.

The nes/snes version are unforgettable, but as the evolution of VG's have proceeded those classic versions interest have wained because of their archaic design. Still I give credit where credit is due.
Donkey Punch said:
In the order of awesomeness:

1) Metroid (NES)
2) Metroid Fusion
3) Metroid II
4) Other M

In the definitive crap category:

1) Metroid Prime
2) Metroid Prime 2
3) Metroid Prime 3
Nope: it's like this:

In the order of awesomeness:
1) Metroid Prime
2) Metroid Prime 3
3) Metroid Zero Mission
4) Metroid Prime 2
5) Metroid (NES)
6) Metroid Fusion
7) Metroid II

In the list of "not elite but still enjoyable"
1) Metroid Prime Hunters
2) Metroid Prime Pinball

In the definitive crap category:

1) Other M
2) Metroid (NES)
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rocketracoon said:
In the definitive crap category:

1) Other M
2) Metroid (NES)
Congratulations, you have disqualified yourself from judging Metroid games.
You know, I think I may have been a bit harsh on the NES Metroid game, but I actually did play it and I want to admit that it just didn't sit right with me. I felt that the game's layout was too confusing, that it was hard to know where to go and what to do, and that I personally didn't enjoy it nearly as much as the Prime games or the GBA instalments. I know it's a classic, and I am not condemning it for its existence. In fact, I'm actualy thanking it for existing. But I really can't get into it no matter how hard I try. So I am very, very sorry for offending anyone who likes this game.

But I strongly prefer Zero Mission.
Metroid (NES) :D

I bought the NES with Super Mario Bros and got Metroid for a lower price with it.
It was the first non-Mario game I've ever played and I liked it from the first moment! :D

Loved it even more when I found out that the yellow "guy" I called Metroid was actually Samus, and she was fighting Metroids xD
I agree with you OP.

Fusion and Prime and some of the best games of the entire franchise although Super Metroid comes in at a close second for the 2-D category. Prime was sooo good. :p
My favourite Metroid game is the SNES' Super Metroid. I bought Super Metroid shortly after it was initially released--the first games I saved up for and bought with my own money rather than receiving it as a birthday or Christmas gift--and it felt very much like the previous games upgraded and expanded for the more advanced console. Beyond merely a massive upgrade in graphics and sound: each area in this 16 bit iteration of the Planet Zebes (and the space lab during the introduction) had a unique, specific character of its own, Samus' arsenal was greatly expanded with new items and abilities, the bosses had the gargantuan gravitas worthy of true bosses as opposed to just being new enemies, and the overall Metroid mythos felt expanded with a deeper history for Zebes and Samus and a deeper story regarding the relationship between Samus, the last true Metroid, and Mother Brain's pirates.

Super Metroid is in fact my favourite SNES game, after Square's Chrono Trigger. I have fond nostalgic memories of a youth arguably misspent exploring the 16 bit iteration of the Planet Zebes, uncovering each-and-every one of its secrets! That game holds a special place in my heart! :)

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