Best Metroid games

Probably Super Metroid: its atmosphere was just superb, almost unequaled in 2D videogames as a whole. I've played it several times during my life, and yet, as both a child and an adult, it makes me feel lost, uncomfortable. There are very few games that have made me feel this way.
^ Although I agree that Super Metroid is the best, really it takes Metroid Prime 2 to give me that exact feeling :). But still, they're both Metroid games.
I really love Fusion. There's just something about that game that makes me like it better than Super Metroid.

Nothing against Super Metroid seeing as how nearly all the games are amazing (and yes that includes the new one coming out as well.)
I would have to go with Super Metroid as well just because that is what I am more familiar with and have played more. I cannot really speak to much of the comparisons because I did not play a lot of some of the others, and really never got into on the whole until a bit later. Seems to be the most popular choice here as well, so that might tell you something.

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