Best Metroid games

Metroid Fusion. It's got such amazing sprite work and the game is so much fun plus the story is pretty awesome at that..
Nope: it's like this:

In the order of awesomeness:
1) Metroid Prime
2) Metroid Prime 3
3) Metroid Zero Mission
4) Metroid Prime 2
5) Metroid (NES)
6) Metroid Fusion
7) Metroid II
Hey uhh buddy? ever heard of super metroid? you know, the best metroid game?
The original is what I bet my money on. It got me into the franchise as a whole because of the contra-esque platforming but with wider ranges of motion, guns, and general level design. Plus a decent enough plot to keep playing.
Original Metroid
Both GBA versions
'Super' Metroid
Metroid 2

.....And if we are considering all Metroid games, I really enjoy Metroid Pinball.

I'm not really a fan of Metroid in 3d shooter mode. I used to watch my nephew play the first GC version for extended periods, and although it looked gorgeous, I could never seem to get the 'feel' of it.
I know this isn't true for everyone but it seems that a lot of the split between which games are better (the original 2d or the later 3d ones) has a lot to do with which game you started off with. People who grew up with the original or the SNES version enjoy those games more than someone who grew up playing Prime and the games that came out after. As I said, there are plenty of people out there who are completely opposite but I've found it to be a generational thing with people I've talked to. Personally I loved the first two and give a nod to the original just for the fact that while graphics and a lot of other things improved in later games, there's always something special about that first game in a series. Having said that, I also think the Prime games were great and a lot of fun to play once I did get the feel for the controls and gameplay.
I know this is not such a long post but while listening to Smooth Mcgroove on youtube I stumbled across this theme from the original Metroid and I thought he did an amazing job! This guy is my Video Game hero when it comes to music!

I'd have to say that Metroid Fusion is my favorite 2d Metroid game.As for my favorite 3D game, Metroid Prime 3 is my all time favorite.I'm still looking forward to
getting the Metroid Prime Trilogy.
1st place:

Metroid Prime is the only one to date I've played that I actually enjoyed.
i got the Prime Trilogy on VC when it was on sale and kinda started checking it out. I had a little trouble with all the camera turning/my eyes adjusting. I will get into them when i have time. Metroid brings a cool creepy vibe. For some reason the Prime series brings out some serious haters. I still say Super Metroid is my fav so far.
I also got the Prime Trilogy on the Wii U VC. I thought I wouldn't like the motion controls but I actually feel it works better for this game and would rather play this version over the gamecube version, which is something I never thought I'd say.
This is my personal opinion:

I feel that most all Metroid games are good, but that only one is a cut above the rest... that one is Super Metroid. Had so much fun with that one. Have played and beat it 3 times throughout my life.

Sorry if this offends anyone, but it's just my opinion.
Gunna go with Super Metroid or Metroid Fusion, both were great experiences for me that had me hooked.
Super Metroid was a game that came with my SNES (with the big guide book too).
At the time I was young and stupid, tried it and just through it was a dull platformer.
After getting tired of Street Fighter 2 Turbo (that also came with my SNES) I really gave Super Metroid another go.
As soon as I understood what power-ups and progression there really was - WOW, it was like going on my first adventure.

I will always have a special place for that game as it was the first game I'd ever played that felt open and had really character development with the equipment and abilities you gained.

Was always gutted that the last save point traps you at the end of the game, could never go back and just re-visit old place (unless I'm missing something?).

Super Metroid is the only Metoird for me :) (even after I found out Samus was a women! :p )
I been playing the series since the day it released in 1986. The only games I dislike is Prime 2 and Hunters. Prime 1 and Zero Mission then Super/Prime 3 are my faves. I do like Other M and don't how how popular it is to hate. I like it.
Prime 2 and Hunters are among my favorites. I really liked how Prime 2 made one feel alone in a dark world, and the psychedelic worlds in the game.

I didn't care much for Other M.
Favorite 2D? Fusion, but then again it's the only one I've played for more than an hour or even beat.

3D? Prime 1 is probably. Tightest designed of the Prime games. Can I cheat and say the trilogy disc?

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