Do you still have your GameCube?


Apr 20, 2013
I still have mine almost in mint condition. I even still have the box and manual but the box is a little tattered. I recently played it but tragically its solid old now when I play it for 20 minutes straight it would shut off. But what can I say it's an old timer. It's not surprising its like seeing an old lady doing 100 meters and collapsing in the first 4 seconds of running *coughs* jogging lol.
Yep, and it runs well. Then again me and tech tend to get along strangely. Either we're the best of friends like the Wanderer and Argo or the tech would rather die then spend any sort of time with me. It's so very, very strange.
I still have mine, but I doubt that it would work. On the other hand, I traded in all my games a long time ago. I never really follow a linear order of game consoles, so I never got a Wii and don't plan on getting a Wii U. I loved my Gamecube, but I just didn't think (and still don't think) that I'd ever play it again. It's been in the garage for years so I don't think it would work, anyway.
I do and it still runs great, but I have to say that i don't use it very much. I did play some Resident Evil on it recently, but to be honest, I find myself playing my N64 much more then my gamecube. I just like the games for that system a lot more.
I still have mine tucked away in a corner somewhere. The gamecube was not all that impressive to me, except the feature that allowed you to play the game boy games. My Wii gets far more use, but mainly because I can play the classic games on it. N64 gets some occasional play from me, but nothing compared to the WII.
The first gamecube I ever purchased was during the time Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness came out. I never heard of the gamecube until one day I passed by and saw a poster of this pokemon game. I decided to buy the game with the gamecube that has a shadow lugia on the console! I am pretty sure I still have it. It probably is placed somewhere in my storage since I can play my gamecube games on my Wii.
I actually swapped my original DS for a Gamecube and I think that it was a decent swap. Whilst my DS was old and chunky, the Gamecube was too old to care about such things. I still have the gamecube and I like to take it out every once in a while to play some of the party games with friends.
I have mine in my room, hooked up to y TV :), along with my PS3 and N64. I still love popping in RE4 and Wind waker, have a little fun before I go to sleep at night! Also, I still play melee over brawl, so it's good for that too!
I have two of them. I already had one but saw another at a rummage sale a while back. It was a RetroCube whatever that is. I bought it for $8 and it works great. I was just playing it yesterday and it works great.
Eight dollars...? I have got to start hitting up rummage sales. I mean I really need to start visiting and see what I can manage.
I still have my original Silver Gamecube with everything, even the add-on that would play GBA games.Still works like a charm, though its a moot point since I have a first generation Wii that still plays GC games. I actually use the controllers still to this day since they're obviously better for GC games, but a few Wii Games allow the GC as well.
I sold mine to a friend sadly. It was a fun console to play on for the time being, especially Super Smash Bros. I also really liked the GBA adapter addition, it made playing GBA games so much more fun. I'm thinking of getting another gamecube just because of that feature.
I do not have my Gamecube anymore. Truthfully the only reason I even bought the Gamecube was for Wind Waker and once I was done playing that I had no use for it anymore, so I traded it in. I'm one of those people who doesn't fully utilize his consoles. I used to get consoles to play specific games. In hindsight that's dumb, but how else was I going to play the newest game in my favorite video game series ever?

I feel like I missed out on some good titles though, I just had no knowledge of gaming back then (probably 2004 range).
...How old are you? I'm not saying that to be ugly or anything - it just sounds like you were rather established financially at the time which would make you rather older than the 20-40s range many gamers seem to fall into.
I'm 28, bought it when I was 18. I was still in high school, but had a great job working at an oil refinery. Was lucky to have a marketing class in school as my main study and we only had to go to class for 45 minutes before heading to our jobs
I still have mine. In fact, I still have all of my old systems. Actually, to be honest, I still have my first computer too. The Commodore 64. And, it still works, too. All of my systems still work. I took care of them. My girlfriend still has her Gamecube as well. In fact, the Gamecube is her favorite system of all time. There were lots of games on it that she loved. She's big on the Wii too, but the Gamecube is really special to her. So much so that she still has it plugged in and on display. She said that she plans to always have it plugged in, regard of what other consoles may be plugged in as well.

But yeah, I have my console still. And it still works.
Same here. I have all of my Nintendo consoles hooked up to my tv from NES to Wii U. I just don't have the famicom hooked up becuase I don't have the AV or power adapter for it.
I still have mine and it still runs great. I actually just got done playing Super Monkey Ball just a second ago. I am surprised by how well it works considering how old it is. Part of me wishes that Nintendo would come out with a newer version of the Game cube, it's my second favorite console Nintendo has put out.
I do have it, but I left it at home when I went to uni. I don't have a whole lot of room, and I can only just fit my Wii U/360/laptop in here.

I loved the Gamecube though, and I doubt I'll ever sell it - it'll be fun to break it out one day when I've got nothing to do, just to experience some of those games again. It's been a long time since it was last played, but I think it should still run fine...