Do you still have your GameCube?

My first Gamecube was damaged when I was moving out of home. It fell down the stairs so I had to buy a new one. Just because of that incident, I really take care of my new Gamecube. I use it in special occasions, but is still working.
I still have my GameCube, however, due to technical problems, it’s rendered useless. I mean, it could still work if I’m willing to consume time into fixing the disc reading error, but it usually doesn’t work out too well. Whenever it’s analyzing a disc, it works for a few seconds, but it stops abruptly after that.

I guess that’s what happens when you leave your GameCube dormant after transitioning to the Nintendo Wii. I admit that I used the GameCube even though I have a Wii because of things like Action Replay, but now I just gave up on the GameCube completely. I’m still keeping it for novelty and nostalgia though, and it’s really my childhood console, excluding the short-lived experience of my N64.
Just gone one today actually. Replaced my wii because I didn't really use it for anything but Gamecube stuff anymore so I got a gamecube instead.
I still have mine, but it doesn't work anymore because it won't turn on. This is my very first Nintendo system that I really like because there are cool games. However, it is not as popular as it should, and wish they make the next generation. I just have it so I can keep it because it sure brings me a lot of memories.
Got mine when I was 19 in 2001. I still have it, with 152 Games.
I am on my second GameCube. My first one was finally died and I took it to GameStop who apparently has them refurbed. Along with the one I turned in as well as some games I traded in, I got me another one for $6 and change. I also got some new-ish games. I also have a N64 that is still working, (knock on wood), and a Wii. I used to have one of the original Nintendo consoles...but it died a long time ago.
I still have mine yes, although it's back at my parent's place. I mostly just use the Wii when I want to play a gamecube game. Although I might swap it out when I get the Wii U, and have a Wii U and the Gamecube, since the Wii U can't play GC games but can play Wii.
I was wondering if the Wii U would play gamecube I know. It'll play Wii games but not gamecube...good to know. I love all my Nintendo consoles. Honestly, I have NEVER owned any other gaming consoles. Definitely too much of a LoZ fan to ever want to own anything else. LOL
Indeed I do and it still works! I don't have much use for it however since I have a Wii which is backwards compatible. I do, however, have a Game Boy Player for my GameCube, but not really interested in playing Game Boy games nowadays lol.
Yes sir, and it runs really well still surprisingly. I pulled it out a couple of weeks ago and started playing, reliving the good old days. I went and played the old games like Super Mario Sunshine and Mario Kart and made a whole day out of it.
Still own my GameCube and just like yours - it's in mint condition. ;)

Honestly, no one can complain about not having enough shelf-space to keep their GameCube around. This console has such a small footprint and the built-in handle makes it easy to carry around to another room. Generally, everyone should be keeping their Nintendo consoles as they are built to last with plenty of awesome games you'll be playing for years to come.
I wish I kept my GC for collecting but no I just play my games on the Wii.
I don't have my GameCube any longer. Someone offered me $150 for it and a couple games, and at the time it was too good an offer to pass up. I have a Wii now and still have the GC controller, so I'm all set. Speaking of which, I really need to play Wind Waker...
^welllllll then i highly highly suggest you invest in WWHD if possible. its stunning
I just got my Wii back from my parents' house tonight, so I'm going to fire it up and play me some Wind Waker, or see what I have on the Virtual Console. I'm pretty stoked! :)
Heck yes i still have my gamecube! That was my first, non-handheld. A few years back I bought a wii but I had to get rid of one of my consoles (NES, N64, GC, Wii, xbox360, or PS1.) Decided that I wanted to get rid of the gamecube, but coudn't do it. We had been through so much together! I decided to get rid of the Wii. Its jet black, not indigo though.
What? Yes, I still have my Super Smash Bros. Melee machine, I occasionally play the wind waker on it too. It works great :U indestructible just like all the older nintendo products.
I don't. I sold it stupidly because I needed money :( But sometimes I play with my friend (who also sold his but later bought another one) so I can still relive older times.

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