Do you still have your GameCube?

Yes I still have my launch day Cube and works perfectly! Aside from a few tiny scratches on the top of the disc tray, it still looks almost brand new. I love the Cube though I haven't really played it much in a couple years, aside from replaying Pikmin and Pikmin 2 last year.
I bought a Gamecube twice, but I couldn't really justify it for the amount I use it (especially with some of my favorites remade into HD Wii U remakes).

I did however figure out how to get some onto my Wii U. I haven't played them in a while, and all my spare controller s are in storage as I'm moving out of residence next week.
I have two GameCubes! One Purple and one Silver. I bought one machine on launch day and the other one (PAL) when The Wind Waker came out. I don't play it as much as I should these days but sometimes if I have friends around I'll fire it up for a few rounds of Super Smash Bros, Mario Party 6 and Mario Kart - all great drinking games with 3 friends.

I may have to revisit Mario Sunshine at some point because I just love that game so much and would like to play through it again. To be honest I never fell out of love with the console, just like all the other Nintendo machines which I still own :)
Still have it, just like all my consoles. Boot it up once in a while. Plenty of good games for it.
I have one. Just in case if I ever drive I know where to find a booster seat.
I never get too attached to any of my consoles, so as soon as I've finished with them I tend to give them away or throw them out if I've no use for them anymore.

To still have a working GameCube is pretty impressive though so might be worth selling as old skool gaming is popular at the moment.
^ "throw out" I sure as hell hope you don't throw working systems in the trash.
I have in the past. If I have upgraded and I don't k is anybody that wants to buy them or in fact have them for free, then I've thrown them out.

I've not liked doing it, and I've only ever done it twice, but sadly I have done it in the past. I don't like clutter and keeping things I don't need, so ended up with no choice.
Do you not have second hand stores or yard sales? You can donate. Always people who want older systems.
Nope :( It gave out on me and ended up broken by my friend with a metal stick he had. We later realized we probably could have just had it repaired, but I didn't care. It was way funnier watching him destroy the thing.
Do you not have second hand stores or yard sales? You can donate. Always people who want older systems.

I have donated and given to charity stores in the past, but sometimes even them can be picky about what they take in. The PlayStation 2 is the most recent example and I took it in to a shop, complete with about 20 games and they took the games but didn't want the console. Even though I was GIVING it to them, they said they wouldn't be able to sell it on as people wouldn't want it.

Work that one out. They took the games but not the console to play them on!
Yes I do :) I won't sell it either even if for some strange reason the value goes up. This is one of the best things Nintendo ever made, aside from the Gameboy Color, in my opinion.
Oh yes, it is buried somewhere in some upstairs closet. I used to have it closer and more on hand, but with time it has gotten more and more hidden, which is expected I suppose. I used to keep it out for some Super Smash Brothers Melee, but I cannot even find anyone to play it with anymore so it is lost on me now, although I still like the game. Maybe someday it will reappear, but until then, thanks for sharing.
I can't get rid of it, I have 3 actually. Ever since I went into that store where they had old systems on sale for the same prices as current systems, I started investing in them because I know that one day they'll be worth more than the PS4 even.

The first game I ever played on mines was Sonic, and I enjoyed it, now I don't play them, they just sit in cases in my closet.
If people keep hold of their old consoles or not will also depend on what sort of gamer they are in the first place. I know people that have kept every console they have ever owned, and you walk into their spare room and it's like a shrine to video gaming from throughout the years. Me on the other hand, I just play video games as a hobby and while I am interested in the history of them and everything that surrounds them, I wouldn't really say that I would like to stash them all away like some people do.
Not anymore I gave it away to a cousin of mine. It was still in very good condition but after upgrading and not playing on it anymore I decided to give it away. It would be a wast for it just sit there gathering dust.
I dont have my orignal one wich was an indigo wich was my favourite color of the gamecube. I got one from a friend and it still works perfectly.
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I have just found mine at my parents I played it over the weekend and have put it on eBay last night. I grew up abroad (uk national here) so I had the Japanese Version which is still boxed. It never really got any use. I enjoyed the N64 more and have decided that I will keep probably use the proceeds to fund one of those woth golden eye. I'll be happy as a sandboy with that - and Mario Cart!
Yes. I still have mine. And over 200 Gamecube games with it. And as of now. I record my Gamecube games I-Play to my YouTube Channel.

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