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Feb 21, 2013
Mario has obviously had a lot more screen time than Luigi, but would anyone here like to see more games with Luigi as the star? I know there is Luigi's Mansion and I believe they're making a sequel. I know when I played Super Mario World I was always stuck playing Luigi, so I've always kind of been a fan of him :p
Eh. I don't dislike Luigi necessarily, but I don't really want to see more games where he's the main star either. I would rather just have the option to play him if I want to, like is available in several of the games. Sometimes I'll play him, sometimes I won't.
The point of his existance is to be a support for Mario, some character's don't really get the main role..
I think there were some games released with Luigi as the main character, but they didn't get much attention.
You wouldn't want to see robin from batman as a main char in a game right? You want to see Batman.
I loved playing Luigi's Mansion, and thought it was a nice break from playing as Mario all the time. So, I actually wouldn't mind having more games where I could choose to play him as a character. I do want just that though: the option to choose him, as opposed to him being the main character. It'd be nice sometimes to choose other characters besides Mario at times, but of course, Mario is the title character.
I feel like there shouldn't be any exclusive game for Luigi. That would probably kill the game. But if every game featured a choice between Mario and Luigi, that would be fantastic. Because then fans of both characters would be happy. I mean, I'm sure to most people, it doesn't matter, but to the rest, you clearly want to please them too.
In the games where Nintendo made a point to playing as Luigi, I've very much enjoyed it. I love the idea of having different characters with varying strengths and weaknesses that play to my own strengths and weaknesses as a player. It's an easy way to add replayability to a game without it being cheap, as well, to have different characters who have to negotiate the game envornment in their own unique way. Luigi has often been shownt o be a superior jumper to Mario and I can imagine a large flagship style Mario game in which parts of the mushroom kingdom can only be accessed by certain characters.
The original Luigi's Mansion was an outstanding game. In addition to showcasing the GameCube's technical powers, it was just really fun to play, and the production values were great. They did lift some ideas from the Genesis version of Ghostbusters, but Luigi was perfect for the role of a scared ghosthunter.
If you like Luigi then you're in luck. Nintendo has declared this the year of Luigi! They've released a new Luigi's Mansion and they're putting out DLC for New Super Mario Bros U that revamps the entire game for Luigi! I wouldn't be surprised if we see more Luigi based fun either. His popularity has really grown in recent years and if he manages to capture people's attention enough he may even have his own companion franchise the the Mario games.
Even though I really liked Luigi's Mansion as a game, I don't really like Luigi as a character. I've always liked Mario better, but I've also grown tired of him. I like Wario and Waluigi, it would be great if they made a game like the New Super Mario Bros. but featuring those two.
Mario and Luigi are an interesting pair, to be sure. I don't really care too much for the complexities of their backstory, though. I prefer a simpler approach to these kinds of characters because it allows players to use their imagination to some degree. If I absolutely had to choose, though, I'd choose Luigi because he's the underdog.
Luigi because his implied relationship with Daisy remains a mystery to this day.

That makes him more interesting by default compared to Mario where it's all out in the open that he's involved with Peach and that's not even factoring in his out-there green clothes, his higher pitched voice despite being taller and his greater floatiness in terms of movement.
Well heres what I think. After a mario game you can play as Luigi with more features than Mario had, its kind of like Super Mario 64 DS.
It's not that I don't like Luigi in anyway it is just that I prefer Mario and to me the games that I have played with Luigi as the main haven't been all that fun to me I.e Luigi's Mansion. I like to Luigi but I rather see him partnered with Mario.
I do like Luigi a lot more than Mario and I think that he should be put into a lot more games. I think they could also "develop" him a bit more too.
When I was younger I always liked Luigi more and I was sad that I couldn't choose to play the original SMB with Luigi in singleplayer mode.
Mario Bros 2 was great for letting me choose, but I always used the Princess 'cos she could float :D
ChristianMcNamara said:
Even though I really liked Luigi's Mansion as a game, I don't really like Luigi as a character. I've always liked Mario better, but I've also grown tired of him. I like Wario and Waluigi, it would be great if they made a game like the New Super Mario Bros. but featuring those two.

I like that idea a lot. It can be the New Super Wa Bros. alter-verse where the bad guys are Mario and Luigi. Making the good bad and vice versa. Saving a Princess Pom Pom. Collecting bombs as coins. I'd play the crud out of that game.
Luigi is so similar to Mario that I personally don't see the point to make him the star of his own game, unless a player much prefers the colour green to red.
I'm sorry but I don't agree that they're so similar. Their personalities, looks and abilities are way different.
Maybe they're similar in Mario Kart, but in every other game you can see and feel (while playing) that they're two different characters.
In some games, most notably the North American Super Mario Bros 2, Luigi can jump a little higher. Beyond that, the differences between the two brothers seems fairly superficial to me. E.g. How does a difference in personality honesty factor into the actual game play with these games? Such things seem to boil down to mere personal preference, which is perfectly fine.

Personally, I would vote for having the option to choose between the two in any Super Mario Bros game. However, I simply don't see the appeal of outright replacing Mario with Luigi--but to each their own.
It might actually be a nice change of pace to see him in the lead. A large back story might do wonders to expand the universe.......if those characters even have back stories!

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