Who is better? Peach, Daisy, or Rosalina?


Jan 11, 2014
Peach is a joke, and Daisy was not even a real character until they forced her into the sports games. That leaves one.
What game was Rosalina in? I have only heard the name "peach" applied to the princess on the old Mario games.
I haven't heard of Rosalina and I love Daisy. I always play as her in Mario Party so I have to go with Daisy.
If you guys ever check out the Game Theorists on Princess Peach, and the history of Mario and Peach, you’ll start to garner negative feelings of them. I never really liked Princess Peach at all because she’s just teasing Mario all the time. I mean, not one little kiss, and it’s not like it’s going to affect the rating system dramatically. Just cake, but nothing further than that.

The only reason why I like Daisy a bit more than Princess Peach is that she was one of the fastest characters in Mario Kart Wii (especially when you knew how to do the trick to start up the vehicle’s acceleration if you slowed down suddenly). Other than that, she’s just filler to me.

Rosalina on the other hand, is completely free from the eternal “loved one,” “friend,” and what have you. She’s perfectly fine on her own, and she’s already too busy traveling through countless numbers of galaxies and universes. I loved playing as her in Mario Kart Wii, and if Daisy wasn’t a fast character, Rosalina would’ve been my most used character in that game.

Maybe I just like blondes in general is why I like Rosalina, but Princess Peach is not really a blonde I would like a lot, or think is better.
im not picking, I'm just saying Daisy is an animal on the tennis court
iceskater101 said:
Daisy is awesome I love her. Plus she is a brunette like me!
i think you should start a "Daisy Appreciation Thread"
I never really liked Peach, and haven't yet played Galaxy, so I don't know Rosalina.
However, I can't say I like Daisy either because she stole all my stars in Mario Party 3 (n64).

So I guess Rosalina can be my favorite until I finally play Galaxy and find out if she's a b***h like the other two :D
oh yes like tearjerking sad. kinda like Galaxies' difficulties! i think having her hair black would have made more sense. it would go along with the melancholy vibe
Rosalina is definitely my favorite! Peach is okay and I could care less about Daisy.
i'd like to add that Daisy is also an animal on the Golf Course! but don't take my word for it
I like peach but to me she is soft compared to daisy. Daisy is a beast especially in the sports and party games. I love playing with daisy when I am playing Mario sports games. I don't really know about rosalina though. What game is Rosalina from?
dustinb12 said:
i'd like to add that Daisy is also an animal on the Golf Course! but don't take my word for it
At first I thought you meant that literally, then I realized you just meant she's really good at golf lol.
Rosalina is the only one I ever liked. I can't stand Peach and I hated how she was the cleric character in Super Mario Rpg, had to use her -_-.

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