Who is better? Peach, Daisy, or Rosalina?

In terms of ability Rosalina definitely takes the cake, and she's certainly the "coolest" of the lot, if her dignity and power is any indication. But there's something about Peach, some hidden psychopathic figure below her layers of pink frills and exaggerated helplessness... I don't know; I just wouldn't be surprised if she eventually went insane and killed anyone, or is secretly a super-spy, or is actually the creator of the universe, or something.

hmmm, perchance she is really the Goddess Hylia...
As I said before I think that peach is the boss when it comes to Mario games.
Um who is rosalina?? I am kidding, but I think Peach is the best. She is cute and perfect for mario. Plus it does not help that she is the most main character of the 3.
Can I be a contrarian and vote for a fourth option? If so, then I'll give deserved props to Mario's original girlfriend: Pauline from Donkey Kong!

Why? Well, my reasoning may sound a bit silly and over-thought, but it's primarily out of sympathy! She kind of reminds me of the first wife from The Wolf of Wall Street: a Jersey girl who kindly, genuinely supported her lover in less prosperous times, only to be cruelly, caddishly cast aside and forgotten as his star rose in favour of someone prettier, richer, and more glamorous (literally a princess in Mario's case)! :eek:

Given time, I'm sure I can identify the character from Martin Scorsese's filmography that each Nintendo character most reminds me of! ;)
I'm a big fan of Roslina. The first game I played with her was Mario Kart for the Wii. I didn't know much about her then other htan I liked her cool art design and looked like a chill character. Then, I found out she was in Mario Galaxy and that she was a queen! THANK YOU, NINTENDO! Finally, someone that isn't a princess that can't handle herself! You see that in so many things and always makes the queen evil, but not Nintendo. You gave the franchise a queen that was kind and rules over the galaxy. She beats out Peach ANY day! Daisy is just the mesh character of Peach's design, but more spunky and tomboyish, so I don't have any dislike for her, but Rosa still wins. :)
I always liked Peach when I was little, but then I realized that she was always getting captured. That led me to believe that she actually had a thing for Bowser and was playing Mario for a fool; extreme turnoff. I never heard of Rosalina so I guess it's Daisy by default.
Peach is just playing with Mario, testing him, and never give him an actual reward, also her game was awful. Daisy shouldn't count as a character, she doesn't play a role in the story, so I wouldn't consider her a character, the developers just wanted Luigi to have someone so people wouldn't feel bad for him. Rosaline is ok, she at least has a part in a game, honestly they're all really bad. I say none of them.
i may have to revise my original response, Peach has quickly become my main on SSBwiiU. She is brutal
Princess Peach


Or Daisy?


Personally I am partial to Princess Peach because she not only is Old School but is not nearly as annoying as Daisy. The Mario Party series makes Daisy's actions and irritating after long stints at a time. What are your views or comments?
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Well honestly Peach is the way to go on this... Daisy indeed is annoying and you could do a game without her haha. Peach is an iconic part of the Mario brothers.. The Princess that is in another castle is our dear friend Peach... not annoying Daisy. :)
Peach all the way! Daisy is definitely annoying. Her voice sounds a bit to manly if you ask me. I have only witnessed her in the Mario Party games and to be honest, anytime we had a room full of girls playing- EVERYONE AVOIDED DAISY. I thought it was just me but no one liked her at all.
Peach is also my favorite, she has held a special place in my heart since Donkey Kong. I really enjoyed how Super Mario was a different feel. That and you actually got to play as Peach. There are some more games that feature her and are fun as well. Everyone also avoided her here as well, no body could handle hearing her all game. Peach is also pretties where as Daisy is kind of drab.