Your first GameCube game

Mr. Blue

Feb 28, 2013
What was the first game you played on the GameCube? My first game was Luigi's Mansion, I was 4 when it came out so it scared the heck out of me. Lugi's Mansion was a classic. It was short, but so fulfilling. I have never been able to finish it with an A rank though. The game was so hard with that money. I can say I've learned something new about the game verytime I've played it. I even discovered a couple shortcuts to it.
My first game on GameCube was Super Monkey Ball! They seemed like cute little monkeys that did a lot of fun sports, it's kinda like Wii Sports for GameCube. They had racing, tennis, soccer, bowling, basically a lot of different modes to play on. My favorite was the monkey shooter, where you would fly around and shoot flying objects, and then facing a robot boss at the end of each level.
My first Gamecube title was Super Mario Sunshine, of course! I grew up with the Mario series back when it was a real system seller so, of course, I have held a lifelong love of the little plummer's antics. I got my Gamecube kind of late in it's cycle and haven't played since the N64 so I remember being amazed at the water physics and how smooth everything looked. It was like playing a cartoon! The water pack was loads of fun too, but I found those levels where you chase the phantom Mario guy into secret zones were my absolute favorite. It was bare basic platforming at it's best and without a net!
My very first Gamecube game was that one about Tak. I don't remember the entire title, but I was stuck to that game like glue until I beat it. It was absolutely amazing, and, at the time, I found it to be rather difficult. Nowadays, I probably wouldn't breeze right through it, but back then, my inner child was attached to Tak, and I couldn't let go.
My first ever game for the Gamecube was Super mario smash bros. That was a real classic game and one my favourite games for the console. I used to play that game day and night and my mom sometimes hid the game from me so that I could stop playing it. That didn't work because I found it very easily and I didn't give up until I found it which I always did.
The first game that I bought was some pokemon game that I long forgot. I used to play multiplayer with my brother, and thinking about it now, it's very nostalgic. The music was well done, and I remember spending my days playing the game endlessly.
My first ever Gamecube game was super Mario smash bros. I still remember playing with my friends and little brother. Those were the days weren't they, classic days. Now it's just a memory in my head.
Pokemon Colosseum - it was lovely to look at (not least because it was on a much larger screen). The story was pretty good, and of course I was a much better battler in the freeplay part then my sibling. That is always a pro in and of it's self.
I think the first game I played was also Luigi's Mansion, but I distinctly remember playing Super Mario Sunshine at the store at some point. The first game that I played on my own Gamecube was the Legend of Zelda collector's edition that came with the console, but that technically isn't a Gamecube game. My dad also got me a Nascar game, which wasn't an exclusive, but my friend and I had a lot of fun driving backwards and trying to knock out the rest of the drivers.
I was a little late joining the Gamecube community, but my first game was Eternal Darkness. I have to say that ED instantly sold me on the wonder of the Gamecube (a console that died too quickly, if you ask me). The creators outdid themselves with the invention of the sanity meter that would flip out any hardcore gamer (What do you mean my memory card is corrupt and unreadable???). The gameplay was impeccable, and the characters were top-notch. I wish I still had the game to play right now!
I can't believe I never played Eternal Darkness. The only reason I didn't is because it was rated M and I couldn't buy it, despite there being several copies at Gamestop. I wish they would re-release an HD version or something because that's one of my biggest regrets as a gamer.
My first GAMECUBE game was Luigis mansion, it was an amazing game! One of the best games on the system IMO. I remember being upset at having a crappy mansion at the end, didn't collect enough coins :/
The first gamecube game I ever owned was Metroid Prime. Unfortunetly, the game was a huge disappointment. I still have my gamecube packed away in a closet, but I prefer the N64, or the older systems. I think I purchased one of the Zeldas next, but I can't remember-it's been a while since I've played.
Resident Evil 4 was the first game I got for the gamecube, it was actually the reason I bought the system in the first place. Not only was it a great game, but it features Leon who was my favorite character, so the day it came out, I went to gamestop and bought a used gamecube and the game.
Metroid Prime. I remember Best Buy having a "buy a GC and get Metroid Prime for free" deal a few years back.
Mine too was Luigi's Mansion. However, after buying the GameCube for me, my mother refused to buy anything else video game related because of the costs. What she didn't realize was it was the first Nintendo console that absolutely required a memory card to save your progress and the only game I had was Luigi's Mansion. She didn't believe me when I told her I needed a memory card to save my progress. To prove my point, I beat the game in a 7 hour sitting and brought her downstairs, restarted my console and showed her everything was gone. She was so impressed she went out and bought me a memory card :)
Super Smash Bros. Melee was the first GameCube game I ever played. I didn't get to own a GameCube for quite a while. When I first bought my GameCube I bought Pokemon Colosseum, Luigi's Mansion, and Super Smash Bros. Melee.
I think it was Super Smash Bros? I want to say that was my first game. Actually I think it was Luigi's Mansion and I played it at a Mcdonalds because they had a gamecube set up.
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess when I was 13! Got it for Christmas from my older brother and screamed, I was SO happy! And I still play it to this day!
The first game I played on my GameCube was Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. It was the first notice-worthy 3D game in the series, and it truly blew my mind. I was a kid then, and marveled at the time travelling aspect of the game. Brilliant game-play, a brilliant story (even if I didn't get most of it back then), brilliant music and even more brilliant art-style kept me glued to my screen for hours. PoP:TSoT really did eat away a whole lot of my time as a kid!

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