Your first GameCube game

My first game on the Gamecube was Super Mario Sunshine. I never actually finished the game because I didn't think it was as good as Super Mario 64 and I got super bored with it. I did get pretty fair in gaining the star things but not fair enough to actually make a dent in finishing the game. I moved on pretty quickly to Zelda the WindWaker and that became my game of choice.
My first, and still my favorite Gamecube game, Kirby Air Ride
Well, I guess Melee is my fave along with it
My first game of the GameCube was the Monkeyball. That game was so fun and I have so many memories with it. I used to play with my friends all the time, man I miss it sometimes. The gameplay was really fun, and was a game that took a lot of playing to get bored of. If they ever made a new Monkeyball for Wii-U, you can guarantee I would go out and buy it.
The first GameCube game I ever had was Metroid Prime. At first, I didn't really like the game (I'm not a big fan of anything first-person) but then I grew to like it a lot. I really loved the exploration aspect of it and the music was just boss. I never really got into the sequel so maybe I'll download an emulator and give those a play, but Metroid Prime was the first game I got for GameCube, possibly one of the best for the system.
When I first got the Gamecube the one I bought came with Mario Kart Double Dash which I still play to this day. My roommates and I break it out at least once a week. In my mind it is still the best Mario Kart to date.
My first game and also one true love for the Gamecube was "Baten Kaitos" which was a fantastically designed RPG game which primarily featured card-based combat and Motoi Sakuraba's original compositions (frickin' Sweeeeet)

The only con was the voice acting was dismal beyond belief, so much so it was a constant running gag amongst the games fanbase. Aside from that, the story was amazing. The cards felt awesome to combo into. The original soundtrack left me idling on some islands in the sky for longer than I needed too, just because they were just that beautiful.
I lived for my very first Gamecube game. Kirby Air-ride was a magnificent game, and it was constantly entertaining. There was so much to do, and so many fun minigames. With friends, the game was a party. Being my first game on the Gamecube, and my first Kirby game, it introduced so many new games to me, and I fell in love with the Kirby series. I honestly would love a Kirby Air-Ride could get a reboot or remake. It would be oh so fabulous.
Prince of Persia was one of mine too. Right after Baten Kaitos, I was hooked instantly, wall running rewinding time, the whole nine yards. Then along comes Baten Kaitos and Tales of Symphonia. Man the GC really had awesome games!
1st gamecube game...hmmm.."think think....think think think..."
AHH yes, it was melee!
remember i had saved up money to buy a gamecube at launch but parents wouldn't let me ( ughh...) eventually got it and picked up melee that day, STOKED!
I am pretty darn sure it was Super Mario Sunshine and man did I love that game to death. I would rage trying to get that one shine where you have to ride the ship with Yoshi all the way to an island off Delfino Plaza. The graphics STUNNED me. The graphics aren't much to me, but back then they were amazing. The overall design was amazing, all the levels were amazingly designed. I know the story wasn't THE best, but it wasn't bad at all.
SSB Melee was the one for me. It was, in fact, the reason I was so interested in the Gamecube at all. Really because it had more to do with loving the fudge & nuts out of the N64 version & expecting the same level of greatness from this one.
My favorite GameCube game was XIII. That game was so much fun to play. I fell in love with it and I played it for 6 hours. The graphics on it were amazing! It was one of my roommates games and I didn't want to give it back to him.

When I got my gamecube one of the first games I bought for it was Zelda followed closely by Resident Evil 2 remastered for the GC. I remember sailing away on L.o.Z. Windwaker for hours upon hours, searchin ever freaking square. lol.


Resident evil 2 is one of my favorite games of all time and when i found out they remastered it for the GC. I was on top of it!!
LoZ Windwaker has to be one of my favorite games ever. I enjoyed the less linear storyline and gameplay of this game above other games of the genre. Windwaker provided some challenge while remaining casual and fun to play.
Disney's Magical Mirror Starring Mickey Mouse, ah... I love that game, as the title says: it's magical.
I bought Super Mario Sunshine and Ikaruga the same day I picked up my GameCube. Both games were incredible and a great showcase for the console. I invited some of my friends over to play and they were amazed at how good Sunshine was. Ikaruga was originally released on the Dreamcast but the GameCube version had some minor enhancements. Even though it was a slightly dated game it still looked cool & stylish enough to draw my friends in.
Mine was Luigi's Mansion. I have very fond memories of playing through that game with my older brother! We have a 5-year age gap and he was never a gamer like me, so I cerish the games we played together, there was a lot of cool moments and bonding with games, and even though we still have a great relationship to this day, there's a special nostalgia I get from those games we played together when we both still lived with my parents, when we were just kids enjoying life.

Soon after Smash Bros. Melee came out and I bought it on release and was insanely hooked, and it was a little while before we got a third game.

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