Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Any serious fishers out there? :)


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May 12, 2013
Did anyone here get it? I got it the night it was released, which was kinda lame since the stores were all closed so I couldn't actually do much other than roam around and get my little 'house' to stay in for the night.
But so far, I'm really liking it, of course it's a little monotonous at times, being like the other Animal crossings but they added a lot to it and I've really been enjoying it. I got my 3rd house upgrade, trying to work on upgrading nook's store and I got the Island! I have 4 friends who have it now as well so it really does add into the fun!
If anyone got it, I would be willing to have a friend code swap and visit each-other.
I'm probably going to get it sometime soon. I will probably download it digitally, cause I don't feel like driving to the store to get it.
I downloaded it and love the game so far!!
This is one of the best 3DS games out there right now, maybe even the best (I personally disliked immorality of having to kill everyone in most of the levels in FE:A). I guess it's true that it is quite similar to the Wii version, but who says this game is worse than the one on the Wii. If this was the first game in the series, my opinion may differ, but overall, it wasn't a bad game. Overall, 8.3/10
I had it for a short ammount of time but I lost it... In those short periods, I fell in love with the game! Sure it got really boring sometimes but there was always something for me to do. I do plan to buy this game again if I cannot find it in the next couple of weeks. When I get the game back I will surely switch codes with you if you're up to it. :)
I love "Animal Crossing: New Leaf"! It can hold my attention for hours. I really like how every day there are new things to do, and the more you play, the more things there are to experience. I spend a lot of time fishing and collecting things to sell, and I like seeing what items are worth the most bells and what I can buy and customize. It's a really great game.
Any serious fishers out there? :)

I got this game in August and I'm still playing the same town obsessively. Lately I've taken to the rod and reel, trying to find the wintery fish. I was wondering how others feel about the fishing system in ACNL. I've never played an Animal Crossing game before this one, but I'm in love with it. I've done fishing in various other games: Harvest Moon, Pokemon, WoW, various MMOs, etc. But this one is definitely more fun.

How does it stack up?

Is fishing important to you in the game? Do you try to get every single fish, or just do it for the fun of hooking that giant fish (and it's not a sea bass! Woohoo!)?
I haven't bought a fishing rod yet but I definitely want to try it! I just started playing this game and I got the shovel and I got the net, though I haven't caught any bugs yet.. I want to buy the fishing rod eventually so I can sell the fish and pay off my house.
If anyone wants to play Animal Crossing New Leaf with me.. I posted my code on the friend code swap forum/thread thing. So you should add me and we can play together! :)
yes, i fish every day there, and i love how realistic it is, listings in an encyclopedia. i love how the game doesn't insult my intelligence. that's real fish, in a real season. what a wonderful game
I love the encyclopedia! My goal is to catch every single fish, every single insect and every single under the sea object! I still have a lot of things to catch, but I believe I am more than half way there!
i met Pave yesterday. he sure kept me busy. that was interesting
Do you know what you want to do with the furniture you got? I can't sell mine and I can't sell excess feathers either.. I have just been giving them away as gifts and then keeping one of each thing I got. I don't like the furniture personally, except the flooring, which I have kept. I am not sure what I want to do because i have a lot of furniture that i just don't need right now.
i actually got doubles of most of the furniture, i kinda liked it because my house is small and i just started. the feathers can be sold at Retail for maybe 40 bells (ripoff!). i mailed a feather to my daughter, who is the mayor. she wears it in her hair.

i haven't tried to sell the furniture yet, i would think it would be valuable. one of the residents asked me for a bed so i gave it away
I don't really care because I have a theme to my rooms and the Pave furniture doesn't fit. I ended up giving it all away but I kept one of each item that I have. So I think I have a bed, a closet, a table, an end table and a lamp. Just in case I decide to use it.
omg i discovered this morning that i missed the fishing tourney! I'm heartbroken, don't it suck when real life messes up AC time? oh well, i just hope my neighbors don't feel neglected. wow i really wanted to do that
Haha don't worry you're not the only one who has missed a fishing tourney! I missed one in my town too. I made the last one and I got first place!

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