Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Any serious fishers out there? :)

I used to play AC:NL alot... but got bored after I got the gold watering can and all my villagers pictures.
i come and go in spurts. my daughter is the mayor, so i help out the town. i find it relaxing
Could someone help me get some tools? The Nookling shop keeps selling the same 2 tools (fishing pole and shovel) every day. It's getting really frustrating. I really want a bug net. If anyone has an extra they'd like to give/sell me, I'll gladly exchange friend codes.
The shop finally sold me a net today. Yay! Of course, if anyone still wants to help me out with tools, or maybe trade fruit (my local fruit are cherries), let me know, okay?
ACNL Girl Gamers :3

Hello!! Just call me Zombie. I'm looking for girl gamers to play Animal Crossing New leaf with. I love cute towns. Post your friend codes!!
My friend code is:
I'll add you as soon as get your codes. :)
I hope you will like it here on the forums!
welcome! we have a town,(my daughter is the mayor.) i have a lot of cleaning up to do before receiving guests. I bet the neighbors are teed off right about now!
I'm a hardcore fisher too; my main focus at the moment is collecting all the bugs, fish, and fossils. I enjoy the game for its other things too, like the island and the various town activities, but the collecting part is just so much fun :)
I love Animal Crossing! I actually just started a new town today, because I felt like starting over. I have Avery, Puddles, Bones, Lucy, and a bird whose name I don't remember as my villagers. I love Bones, and Avery seems interesting too.
so my daughter the Mayor starting playing again. She thankfully killed all my roaches for me. Its been awhile
Today is Summer Solstice in my game! I got a cool pair of ladder shades :) I'm going to go fish and catch some bugs for a little bit before I go back to work. Side note, does anyone else find Animal Crossing extremely relaxing? It really soothes me and I play it a lot at night before I go to bed because it helps me fall asleep, or when I'm stressed because it helps me forget about everything.
@Zelda yes, thats what i love about it. its relaxing, has that Charlie Brown feel of just good clean fun. Especially the music.
ok anyone get the big update? I did it but didn't try it out yet, I'm waiting to check it out with my little girl. She is our Mayor. From what i've seen on twitter, it looks like almost a whole new game. I love the amiibo support.