Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Any serious fishers out there? :)

Sorry to interrupt an ongoing conversation, but I do enjoy fishing in a game - haven't really bothered with Animal Crossing though. I much prefer something like Okami or such because ... well actually I don't know why. I guess it's a subjective thing.
^ No problem! We were off topic anyway. Fishing is really important in Animal Crossing because you can earn badges with it and you can pay off loans by earning bells by fishing. It's pretty essential to the game.

Speaking of today I got a badge for catching 50% of all the species of fish in the game! I am half way to catching every single breed of fish in Animal Crossing New Leaf!
good deal, i been slipping. did you get your St Pattys hat? i kinda like mine.

i didn't place in this weekends tourney, but i will try again

i was thinking, maybe if we say please they'll make this the OFFICIAL new leaf thread
Yes I did! I wore it all yesterday! I have just been updating my house today, and I finally got my dream suite built! It's kind of interesting unfortunately I haven't been able to connect to the internet, so I haven't been able to actually use it yet.
i spent time on the island finally, now i got some new fruits and a wetsuit. i need to practice but its kinda neat. I'm really getting the hang of the game now
Hey so I finally figured how to get pictures from my 3DS to my computer. Here are some of my adventures from Animal Crossing New Leaf!


Julian the Unicorn!






Happy New Year 2014 celebration!


Club LOL! Notice my Sherlock hat :p
i know you didn't serve Gulliver some green beer for Shamrock Day!

this is really cool, something yet again i'll have to check out. i did take a selfie with the St Patty cut-out

good job
I did have Animal Crossing New Leaf, however I felt a little bit disappointed with it. On the one hand it cannot be denied that it is a huge upgrade from the previous Animal Crossing games. However, I feel that it is such a huge upgrade that, in my personal opinion, it is kind of lacking the charm and simplicity of the Animal Crossing that was released on the Gamecube. Maybe it's because I poured so much into the Gamecube version that I feel almost done with the Animal Crossing games that came after. It is still a fantastic game and it is definitely worth getting, just not for me.
i love this game greatly but… it's true. sometimes i feel like there is too much to do, and the quick pick up and play doesn't really apply. i really do feel bad when a neighbor comes running and i duck em!
This sounds like Second Life for the 3DS - and that may be why I'm not really into it. I don't have the right kind of patience I think. Still it looks like you're having serious fun.
animal crossing is different to everyone. i myself find it very relaxing, it gets exciting when you connect with other people who are into it and started at the same time as you. i can definitely see it's not for everyone
I have noticed that as well. I mean right now I am working at paying off my loan on my house while trying to save money for a public service project. At the same time though I love it! It means the game doesn't get old. I still have my goal of collecting all the fish and insects in the game but I am processing through that very slowly.

Esperahol said:
This sounds like Second Life for the 3DS - and that may be why I'm not really into it. I don't have the right kind of patience I think. Still it looks like you're having serious fun.
I honestly have too much fun with this game! Especially because I know how to upload pictures.. I am having a blast! I also figured out how to upload codes from other people where I can get new clothes. Right now I am wearing Hufflepuff Robes from Harry Potter! :p I will post pictures soon!

So today is April Fools Day and in Animal Crossing New Leaf, today was an interesting day. This interesting cat with no eyes called Bianca? This character is going around dressed as my other towns people and seeing if I can figure out who is the actual citizen and which one is Bianca. I spent a good half hour or so trying to do this and I was able to correctly identify which one was which.



If you could figure out which of your townsfolk was the real one, you got their photograph. It's a cute idea so that way when they move out of my town, I have this cute little photograph of all of my towns people.
Also here are my Hufflepuff Robes that I got. (I didn't make these, I found the code online)

the robe is awesome! thanks for the April fool heads up. i've been neglecting my town lately..
So an update on my game in Animal Crossing..


I finished off my home loan! I think it was 390,000 some bells? I have since added a basement with a loan of 498,000 bells that I started to pay off yesterday and I have so much farther left to go.







So sunday was Easter. Happy late Easter everyone! Hope you had a great day! I decided to play Animal Crossing New Leaf just to see if there was anything special and there was! Zipper, the Easter Bunny, was in town today. He is kind of weird looking but whatever. Basically there were different types of eggs you could find: Stone, Tree, Sky, Earth, Water and I think there was one more. Once you found those eggs, you could give them to Zipper and he would give you an Easter basket. Also the eggs were edible. Inside the eggs was either candy or a ticket. If you turned in the winning ticket to Zipper, he gave you egg themed furniture. The egg themed furniture is kind of gross looking although there is one or two things I kept. The thing I hate with these types of events is you can't sell the furniture. So here I am again left with furniture I don't want and I have no idea what I will do with it.

Oh well..

Again Happy Easter! :)
that looked awesome, I've been so wrapped up in Mario Golf that i owe my town a written apology. i need to get some fishing in soon! i had to work for Easter so i missed Zipper
Yeah there was a time where I didn't play the game for like two weeks straight because I had finals in college and I am trying to replay all of the Bioshock games on my 360 but i have been able to visit my town every other day or so. I usually just send a card to all my town people and that usually makes up for my long absences.
yeah i did that and got blasted in letters for writing too short of letters. yeah, they got me
I know right? My mailbox filled up immediately, oh well. It was still cute and nice.
Sometimes my towns people really make me laugh.