Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Any serious fishers out there? :)

You should come visit my town! Not that it's super cool or anything, I need to decorate it a lot but you should still come and visit me! :)

Fishing is a must in Animal Crossing, it helps you get bells.
so my daughter tells me "you need to check your mail!" (we share a town). low and behold, she mailed me a Link hat! i was very happy, so here i go catching up with the neighbors, who all tell me it's been a month.

inside Retail, the husband Cyrus finally wakes up. He was quite mean to me. I'm interested to see him do up some furniture.

guess i'll hang out for a while, again
yep she knows daddy well. I'm also getting a second story to my cluttered crib today. so here we go again.

besides Mario Golf, i think i lost interest for a while because i was caught up on the fish/bugs for this time of year.
Kirby Update!

HNI_0022.JPG HNI_0023.JPG HNI_0025.JPG HNI_0032.JPG HNI_0039.JPG
Okay so I decided to do an update on my town in Animal Crossing because I realized I haven't done one for a while. I was able to get a code for a Jedi outfit. It is not my code and I did not make it. I have it pinned somewhere so if you're interested in the code, I can definitely message it to you. My hair kind of reminded me of a jedi because it was pulled back into a pony tail. The last picture, my hair is blue and it is the most recent picture of what my major looks like. I needed something a little different. I also started experimenting with patterns in my town. I found these two patterns, again I didn't make this pattern. I put it around my house just because it reminds me of Kirby (which is the name of my town and I named it after the cutest pink character ever!).
So my house is entirely done! I wanted the whole thing to be a mermaid/under the sea house. I finally finished the exterior of the house! I absolutely love it and I probably won't change the landscaping anytime soon. I think it's adorable and it's cute and it has pink in it which fits in with my towns theme aka Kirby! :D
HNI_0002.JPG HNI_0004.JPG HNI_0006.JPG
I also am uploading some conversations I have had with my towns people. They are so cute and adorable sometimes I have to screen catch them.

My goals for my town

-Finish my public service project (reset center)
-Get my savings account up to 1,000,000 bells. (currently only at 220,000 some bells)
-Finish my housing loan so I can add on to my beautiful mermaid house.
ouch, my lil girl just asked me what a jedi is..

your house is awesome, and yes the townsfolk are hilarious, especially after taking long breaks from the game
Hahahaha maybe it's time to introduce her to Star Wars?

Thanks! :D I have spent a lot of time and money to make sure my house's exterior matches. Yeah I know right? Townspeople are funny.
i finally got my 2nd story, now i can breathe a little. time to go shopping
That's awesome! I have two stories in my house and a basement! I still have to pay off the basement.. but right now I have to fund a public service project.
so whats up with these perfect fruit? i saw a suspicious orange in a tree, so i planted it and got some perfect oranges. I've never seen this before. how rare is this?

my daughter says she sells them and they're worth more bells. i plan on a harvest
I have a couple of those in my town. I don't know how it happened, I just let the trees grow for a while without plucking them and they became perfect lol
i planted 3 trees. i'll let u know how much they sell for
Yeah you should! Fruit is great in the beginning when you don't have any other way of getting bells. Plus one time my towns person gave me fruit that I didn't even have in my town and I planted it.
on the older games they'd sometimes wash up on shore. i took a few from the island, but the bananas would never grow.
You have to plant the bananas on the beach and then they will grow. I have banans on my beach as we speak!
so my perfect oranges sell for 600 bells. so i planted 15 trees. it's on now

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