How did you find Nintendo Forums?


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Sep 19, 2012
Hey guys! Please take a minute to tell us how you discovered If we have a good understanding of how people are finding our site, we can focus on recruiting more awesome members like you and continue to make this forum a great home for all Nintendo fans.

Thank you for being with us for over 2 years!
i think i was looking for hardware help with something(google search), and whatever it was i've never looked back. This is a positive place, where i came from seemed to only bash Nintendo. And here we are. Thanks for an awesome site
I found this place a few hours ago while messing around on Google. I peeked at a few other (much larger) video game-oriented forums, but sadly, most of what I saw consisted of punkassery and general negativity. IE: If you have the time/energy to verbally attack and harass someone over a video game, you are likely not my sort of person. Life is too short, kiddies - play it the right way.
I could have sworn I responded to this already maybe I didn't post the reply. Cray cray. I, like most others, found it through Google but I didn't browse the other forums. I actually just went to this one because of one simple reason: The web address was exactly what I typed into Google so I figured it fit perfectly. So, I guess what I'm saying is thanks for not being a lawyer named Nintendo Forum.
I stumbled across the Nintendo Forums awhile ago while looking for answers to some old school game questions. Then re-stumbled upon it in another forum and this place became an instant hit for me. I love it here, the people are nice and the topics of discussion differ so much there is something for everyone who plays video games here.

Thanks @crunchyg for running such an amazing video game forum! :)
It was first forum for nintendo i found in google. Got a new 3ds so thought about finding other nintendo fans. Figured it was more active but oh well.
I googled "splatoon forums" to see if there was a forum for Splatoon. To my liking I found this forum that not only discusses Splatoon, but also all things Nintendo!
I found it by looking up "nintendo forums" and this was the third one or so on the list. It's really a nice, friendly place that seems different compared to the other gaming sites. I've seen other ones and the people are just so negative and wanting to criticize you just because of a certain game you like or dislike. Like I said it's a really nice, clean place and I congratulate you for maintaining such a good community.
I haven't been on a forum in quite some time so I searched "Nintendo Community" hoping to find one that I haven't already been on. After a couple results I found this. Seems nice so far!

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