How did you find Nintendo Forums?

For me it was as simple at glancing over at my friend's screen when we were sitting together at the library. I asked him what he was doing and he told me that he was looking for reviews on games and he landed here. I have always loved Nintendo and I love to write and share ideas so I thought that it was a perfect for me. Not that interesting really, but a bit random.
Google search. I was searching for likeminded people who still enjoyed Nintendo and wanted to communicate.
I found this forum through web search! I've been playing on Nintendo consoles my whole life, how could I not be interested!
I was doing research on Pokemon Go, trying to understand this phenomenon and then came across some post on this forum that answered some questions that I had. As I surfed around, I saw some other things that I was interested in discussing with other members, and that's how I found Nintendo Forums.
I found from google search, I was looking for new Nintendo news or something related to nintendo and this came up it was a good click.
Just bought a Wii U this week. Didn't see any forums on, so I Googled "nintendo forums". Little did I know I was gonna find lol.
I was thinking of joining a community of fellow nintendo fans and so i thought that if i went to "" it would most likely bring me to the one i was looking for. Turns out it did!
Joined after searching "nintendo forums" into google. I looked at a few but this one seemed the most visually inviting and there were a lot of topics to talk about here! Actually reminds me of a forum i used to be on called 'nintendo 3ds forum' or something like that. Then it changed to another name and then it closed down, so i didnt touch a forum for a while until i came to this one

Edit: I'm rather sure it was called nintendo 3ds community
I was looking for a good Nintendo forum and this one certainly fits the bill (thank you Google)! Thank you for making such a positive place!
yes, positive is the word for this place. I love it here. Hope you like it!
Actually I've been browsing this place since thewiiu forum died & someone there linked to this place in a thread (I don't remember who). I wasn't up for joining at the time as I was busy with other stuff, but I just kept coming back here to read. So I figured I might as well join after reading the recruitment thread. :p

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