How did you find Nintendo Forums?

I've always enjoyed using forums, so I decided to Google "Nintendo Forums" and found this place, the design of the forum was so appealing to me, so I decided to create an account, and here I am.
I was like hmm 🤔 I wonder if there is a Nintendo forums and there was also I’m surprised that this name wasn’t taken
I prefer using forums over the cluster-fuck they call discord. I only play cartridge games and was looking for a forum of that nature. I was looking for somewhere to discuss old-school Nintendo gaming, I already belong to the NHL '94 community, a game I've been playing for twenty, or more, years, now. The only other gaming forums I frequent are dedicated to single games, (GoldenEye/Perfect Dark and MK64), and I was looking for something with a little more range.
Found this place through a DuckDuckGo search; I was wondering if Nintendo still had official forums, and I found this in the process.
random encounter just found it and here i am.
Recently got a Wii U and couldn't find any Wii U Discord servers so I decided to find a forums website and found this.
Found a for sale ad on the web that directed me to this website.
I was looking for forums related to Nintendo so I searched up "Nintendo forums" and found this