How did you find Nintendo Forums?

I typed Nintendo Forum into Google and bam! Feel free to say hi :) I would love to see some cute animal crossing islands during quarantine!
I was looking for a way to play wii games with people and message them with the wii message board on google. Eventually i found this forum and i decided this is where i would want to do that.
I might of been drinking, but i don't remember because of how drunk I was. But this seems like a good enviornment for many a people to share their love of nintendo and express our deep hatred of sony.
Hi there, i Found nintendo forums by googling "Nintendo Forums " after passing the Regular nintendo links, found you guys. Man, miss the days when being on a forum was a great place to find friends. Sooo, figured it was time for me to join one up , become part of a community, make some friends. : ) Talk about games, find some people to play games with. Fangirl with.
It's just the right amount of busy! But maybe from day to day I can contribute even more! Great to be here. Saved the site in my bookmarks, so everytime I open my laptop, i'll come by!!!!!!! I'm also around to play games with! Don't hesitate to Hmu~
I just bought a PAL NES six months ago in the UK. Very nice console with quite a few games. Then I thought I wonder what forums or websites are about and just literally stumbled across this one. Thanks for adding me.

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