What game(s) are you playing now?

Foosball 2012, awesome game.

Also, slimreapern64 is my new favorite person on the forums. My favorite game of all time is harvest moon back to nature. This guy knows whats good.
I didn't even know Foosball 2012 existed. I'm going to have to look for it. I've been playing Fallout 4 and my girlfriend has got me into New Super Mario Brothers - it's a nostalgia thing.

Panic Mansion is a combination of a trivia game and an action-rpg available to play online, in a web browser for free. You must answer questions and defeating bosses at the end of each level.
Finished pokemon Moon (or rather, became champion and stopped) and now I am playing Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen on PC. I am enjoying it. Hopefully I can finish it and Ace attorney before the switch drops.
Gears of War 4, almost done with the campaign.
pokemon sun on 3ds . right near end. i like pokemon games but i think this is my least favouright. gona play majoras mask after i do this
Kingdom hearts. I've always been a Nintendo player but I figure I should at least check out some of the Playstation exclusives.
On an unrelated note: When playing a PS2 game with a Steam Controller, 30 minutes into the game is the worst time to figure out which button has been mapped to the restore savestate function.
Paper Mario Color Splash

For the 3ds i can't decide between Bravely Second or Yokai Watch 2
NES: Blaster Master, Championship Bowling, Pinball Quest
Atari 2600: Pac-Man, Jungle Hunt, Skateboardin'.
PS3: Naughty Bear, South Park The Stick Of Truth, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
3DS: Pokemon X & Y, Sun & Moon, The Sims 3. I play games a little bit every 3 weeks. so it changes.
Now playing Minish Cap on my Micro. Still picking away at Kingdom Hearts
I record my gameplay footage. I just recorded 2 NES games yesterday. Master Blaster & Championship Bowling. I might do part 4 of Terraria for the Wii U.
This weekend my daughter bust out some wii classics. We bowled for hours then she got some investing lessons on Fortune Street. A fantastic game that the whole family loves. Which makes it a rarity
Finished the main game of AA: Spirit of Justice. Hopefully I can finish the DLC before friday, cuz then it's zelda time.
I just finished up Mass Effect: Andromeda a couple days ago.

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